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Wild Pursuit started as just that, a pursuit to discover how we could best serve the needs of our apex predator companions.


-Veteran husband and wife owned
-100% human grade meat
-small batches
-No additives

Why freeze dried?


It’s simple, this method allows you, the customer, to get all the benefits of 100% raw ingredients without worrying about having to freeze or refrigerate any of it! Freeze dried meat has had all of the moisture removed from it, making it safe to package and sit on a shelf, FOR YEARS! These treats are perfect to bust out and use as-is for high motivation treats, or they can be rehydrated in water or bone broth and used to complete your pet’s meal.


Whether you are a raw-feeder or just looking for a natural, safe and healthy treat alternative, you’ve found the right place, and we welcome you to your very own Wild Pursuit!


Alysha R.

"My pups absolutely loved these! One of her favorites now as an extra snack in the food bowl!"


"My cat loved these! I can't wait to order more."


"My two kitties go WILD for these chicken hearts! I top off their bowls with them and give them some as a snack. I'll be sure to order them again and tell all my friends!"
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