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Wild Pursuit Pet Treats is a veteran owned and operated business based in Montana USA. Tyler (the vet!) runs most of the sales and marketing, while I (Renee) take care of most of the day to day operation. We produce freeze dried pet treats made from 100% grade A meat fit for human consumption, no additives, all raw, never made from scrap or “throw away” meat; all our treats are made from meat fit for human consumption. We started this venture after my husband was injured in the military and we needed to create a new career path. We chose this route as we’ve always been passionate about our animals as well as their health, and had already been doing this very process for our pets.


I have been breeding Bengal cats for almost a decade, and it’s this endeavor that first led me down the path of raw feeding, 8 years ago. Tyler has always been an advocate of fresh, non-processed foods for our family as well as our animals, so it didn't take much to get him on board. This started our journey, and the pursuit of more natural, biologically appropriate treats and food not just for our animals, but for others as well. Over the years we heard many of the same concerns about raw feeding, namely the mess and the lack of freezer/fridge storage.


And so the concept of a freeze dried raw pet treat company was born! No more mess, no more full freezers, no more worry about what to do if you have to travel with or board your pet. While Wild Pursuit is not currently focused on creating whole meals, we strive to provide quality treats and ingredients that could be used to supplement and/or create a balanced raw meal. Or use them as just that, treats!

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