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  • How do I store my pet treats?
    Our treat pouches include an oxygen absorber to keep the food fresh and are both zip locked and impulse sealed. Once you have opened a package you can choose to refrigerate, however this is not necessary. Simply make sure to keep your oxygen absorber in the package and close the zip lock when done. You’re now ready to place it back on the shelf! *Varying humidity and temperatures can affect the shelf life of the product once open, due to this Wild Pursuit does not guarantee the length of shelf life*
  • How does freeze drying keep meat from spoiling on the shelf?
    In the freeze drying process, the meat is first frozen, this preserves all nutrients. The meat then goes through the drying process which removes ALL moisture from the meat. Microorganisms that are the cause of diseases and spoiling meat need water, so with the water being removed, they are no longer able to survive. Enzymes which cause meat to spoil are also reliant on water in order to react with the food, so no water means the meat won't spoil!
  • Can I return or get refunds on orders?
    At this time Wild Pursuit does not accept any returns or provide refunds, and are not responsible for lost packages. However, we are dedicated to providing a positive experience, and encourage a buyer to reach out if a product arrives damaged or opened.
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